Patriarch Julius Announces Bishop Elect

Archbishop Julius has announced plans to elevate Msgr. Patrick Gaffney to the Episcopacy sometime during this year.

"It is my one of my greatest responsibilities as Patriarch and Archbishop to insure the life of the Old Catholic Apostolic Church of the Americas.   And so, after much prayer and reflection, I have decided to elevate Msgr. Gaffney to the office of Bishop with the intention that he become Presiding Bishop should I become unable to continue my responsibilities.  Bishop Elect Gaffney will serve as Auxiliary Bishop to the Patriarch.   After the death of the Patriarch, Bishop Elect Gaffney will  serve 1  year as Presiding Bishop before assuming to the title of Archbishop and Patriarch. 

Please join me in congratulating Bishop Elect Gaffney and offering prayers for his continued service.

                             Priests of the Old Catholic Apostolic Church of the Americas.   Top: Fr. Carl Desmond,
                                  Fr. David Breiner and Fr. Wayne Dabney.  Bottom: Bishop Elect Patrick Gaffney,
                                               Patriarch, Archbishop Julius and Msgr. John Paul Blankenship.

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