Old Catholic Apostolic Church of the Americas

   Clergy List                                            Phone                                 clergy e-mails

Archbishop Julius Licata                                              610-317-0530 (home)                    juliusl@rcn.com
Patriarch                                                                     610-554-8729   (cell)                         
Cathedral Parish of St. Jude                                        610-799-7913 (work)
Rector, Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary
Most Rev. Bishop  Patrick Gaffney                             302-562-9616                                  
Vicar General of the OCACA
Pastor, Holy Redeem Church                               
Very Rev. Msgr. John Paul Blankenship                    804-359-1952                                  
St. Dorothea Group                                                                                      

Very Rev. Fr. Gregory Desmond                                302-897-5102                                   afbrothercarl@aol.com 
Vicar for Religious
Associate Pastor, Holy Redeemer Church                

Anamchara Fellowship

The Rev. Deacon, Brother Peter-Joseph Avitabile
 Deacon/Service Administrator
Mission Parish of St. Matthew Shepard

Professed member of the Compassionate Society of Christ


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