+Bishop Patrick W. Gaffney, M.R.E., M.Div.
Consecration as Bishop  on June 6, 2015 - Auxiliary Bishop
Vicar General - Old Catholic Apostolic Church of the Americas
Ordinary of the Diocese of the Most Blessed Trinity

2110 Christiana Meadows, Bear, DE 19701

302 324-1081 302 562-9616

Ordination: May 23, 1981 by Terrence Cardinal Cook of NY in the Roman Catholic Church.
Consecration: June 6, 2015 by Archbishop Julius L. Licata, Patriarch - OCACA

Since March of 2009; Incardinated Priest of the North American Old Catholic Church (NAOCC): http://www.naoldcatholic.com

Non paid PT positions: Dean of Academic Studies for the NAOCC internet seminary, St. Wolbodo and presently Apostolic Administrator for the Diocese of Delmarva.

Now dissociated with the NAOCC


Masters of Divinity 1982

Masters of Religious Education 1980


PT Chaplain:

Westminster Village, Dove DE 2011-present

Presbyterian Senior Living (150+ Independent, 60 Assisted Living, 60 full Nursing care residents and 200 staff) Pastoral Care of residents and staff. Liturgies are Sunday at 10:30 and three others during the week.

Ministry of Caring, Inc. , Wilmington, DE 2003 -2006

Program Director, Emmanuel Dining Room

Directed large service and food program for the homeless, 1,000 volunteers, facilitated communication between clients and staff, crisis intervention on phone and in person, record keeping, oversee serving 750 meals a day.

Ursuline Academy, Wilmington, DE2001 -2003

Campus Minister, Teacher

Our Lady of Lourdes, Seaford, DE 1993 -1999


Redemptorist Fathers of NY 1982 -1993

Associate, Administrator, Retreat Director, Vocation Director

Ordained transitional deacon, Dec. 1, 2012

The Reverend Brother Gregory Desmond, AF (Anamchara Fellowship) has a degrees in Psychology and has had advanced training at the Philadelphia Center for Psychoanalyst as an analyst. Presently he has had over 38 years of experience with diverse populations. Retired May 1, 2013

Religious formation has taken place in the Education for Ministry, Seminary of the South, Community of Anamchara Fellowship and with the St. Woldobo Seminary under the guidance of Fr. Pat.

Holy Redeemer Parish

Our Church for now primarily does mission work at the Highfield Senior (Masonic Home) in Wilmington, DE. Offering a Liturgy every Sunday at 3 PM.

Plans are afoot for chaplain work, ministry for outdoor clubs and organizations and continued development of centering prayer support groups


Biography of the Rev. Gregory Desmond,  Vicar for Religious
Associate Pastor of Holy Redeemer Parish
Vicar For Religious OCACA
Anamchara Fellowship


The Reverend Fr. Gregory Desmond, AF (Anamchara Fellowship) has a degree in Psychology and has had advanced training at the Philadelphia Center for Psychoanalyst as an analyst. Presently he has had over 38 years of experience with diverse populations. Retired May 1, 2013

Religious formation has taken place in the Education for Ministry, Seminary of the South, Community of Anamchara Fellowship and with the St. Woldobo Seminary under the guidance of Msgr. Patrick Gaffney, the Vicar General of the Old Catholic Apostolic Church of the Americas.   Fr. Carl (as he prefers to be known) is the Vicar for Religious of the OCACA and the Associate Pastor of Holy Redeemer Parish in DE.   He was ordained a priest by the Archbishop in 2014.

The Very Rev. Msgr. John Paul Blankenship

Msgr. John Paul has been active in ministry for over 50 years.   He is a dedicated and valued member of our church and has offered himself to the Lord in many ways over these many 50+ years.   He was honored with the title of Msgr. some 5 years ago in recognition of all he has given.

Msgr. was ordained a Roman Catholic Priest and served as Pastor of several parishes, being charged with actually started parishes and building churches for the Diocese of Richmond.   He was then sent as chaplain to a Prison where he worked with the inmates bringing them the Lord and helping them to turn their lives around by accepting the Lord. 

Msgr. is now retired and travels much.  He is a treasure and we are blessed to have him with us.


(The Reverend Deacon) Brother Peter-Joseph Avitabile, csc,

Brother Peter-Joseph was ordained a Deacon in 2017 within the Old Catholic Church and is a founding member of The Compassionate Society of Christ 2013, an Ecumenical Order of laity and clergy that serve in many social justice outreach activities.  They are often known to most as the “The Compassionists.”
Deacon Peter-Joseph was born and raised a cradle Celtic Catholic. He was baptized and confirmed within the Roman Catholic Church but was reminded regularly by his Grandmother of his Celtic Catholic roots where women took great care and leadership in the traditions and practices of the faith and affectionately spoke about the Pope as the mere ‘Bishop of Rome’!   He attended St. Frances de Chantal Elementary School and St. Raymond High School for Boys. He holds a BA from Hunter College.   During those formative years Deacon Peter-Joseph entered religious life and spent the next 5 years as an Aspiring Brother in the Order of Christian de la Salle Brothers.   He left the De La Salle Brothers to pursue a graduate scholarship opportunity in Social Research/Sociology and Urban Planning but never abandoned his vocation to serve God’s people especially the least, lost and forgotten.
Deacon Peter-Joseph has been a Social Work Professional for over 40 years and attended Hunter College School of Social Work and is a licensed MSW specializing in Administration/Community Organization and Clinical Group-work. He attended Columbia University and is a certified Supervisor for MSW students in Field Instruction since 1996 He also holds a MA in Sociology/Urban Affairs.  He has practiced the discipline of Social Work primarily in NYC with experience in serving many diverse under-served populations, focusing primarily on the complex bio-psycho-social-spiritual needs of Homeless Persons, Substance Abusers , The Elderly, PLWAs, The  Formerly Incarcerated and LGBTQI populations who also suffer with Seriously Persistent Mental Illness as well as the Disease of Addiction.
Deacon Peter-Joseph developed as NYC’s First AIDS Housing Director for DSS HRA an inventory of 3200 permanent and transitional housing units for homeless HIV/AIDS persons. He also was the former Directing Manager of NYC/DSS Human Resources Administration’s HIV/AIDS Services Departments and Divisions that included Staff Training Policy/Procedures/Community Affairs/Vocational Rehabilitation/Client Eligibility and was a key member responsible for the program operations budget of $161,000,000, 46,000 client cases and 12000 staff. He also established The Graduate Social Work Education Program for NYC DSS/HRA agency staff, of 14000 staff from 2007-2017.  Deacon Peter-Joseph also co-founded in 1985 the first faith-based CBO program known as the Momentum AIDS Outreach Project in NYC offering to this day meals grocery baskets social work counseling and spiritual guidance to PLWAs and their families through-out metro New York City. He also served as an Adjunct Professor of Social Work at Fordham University Graduate School of Social Services from 1994-2011. In 2016 Brother Peter-Joseph designed  and established a faith-based Housing and Services ‘Open Doors”  Program  for  LGBTQI adolescent run away youth and secured a grant from Columbia Presbyterian Hospital sponsored through the CDC to look at  serious gaps of health and mental health care  services in NYC  for transgender persons and to develop  a TRANS-ACT Advocacy Community Mobilization Effort to support the well-ness of Trans-persons and the Eradication of TRANS-Phobia  Deacon Peter-Joseph recently moved to Dover, Delaware  and has been serving as  a Senior Field Placement Coordinator at Delaware State University ‘s Department of Social Work He also is the Senior Housing Development’s  Consultant and Graduate Social Work Education Coordinator at Dover Interfaith Mission for Housing  a 44 bed men’s shelter that serves homeless formerly incarcerated parolees. 
During 2018 he co-founded an Old Catholic Mission Church in Dover, DE and has been ministering to a small congregation of 22 persons  who come from various faith traditions but have found a welcoming home at the” Mission”  He also serves as a principal team member of  Dover’s  Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance “Social Action Committee. “



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