Msgr. Patrick Gaffney Named Vicar General
Msgr. Patrick Gaffney has been named Vicar General of the Old Catholic Apostolic Church.   This position is vital to the life of the church in that Msgr. will be second in charge under the Archbishop.   Msgr. will advise the Archbishop on all matters of church and faith and will take control of the church in the event the Archbishop is unable to do so. 

The Archbishop believes that Msgr. embodies all the necessary virtues and wisdom to adequately perform this role.   "I believe that Msgr. Gaffney is a man of great faith with a multitude of talents that will enable him to be of great value in his counsel to me and, in the event that I am unable to perform my function as head of the church, he can assume the responsibilities in a timely manner.  

This is a great day for our church.   Join me in congratulating Msgr. on this well deserved appointment.

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